Barandi Nallah to Shingkulla

  • 11 Day to 10 Night
  • Medium
  • August to September

While on trekking, you will know the real villages of Ladakh and their way of living.

Nice trek with beautiful and picturesque view of the valley and Monestery. Start from Barandi Nalla part of Zanskar located at Leh Manali highway about 240 km from Leh. And end at Shinkulla top between Darcha of Himachal Pradesh and Kargyak of Zanskar. Average Height 3700 M Total duration 11 days, only possible for two month August and September when water in the river decrease. Known to explore the beautiful and remote areas of Zanskar and understand the life style of these people. Visit of sacred Phuktal monastery. Route mostly gradual ascend for most of the days. camping site beautiful at bank of Tserab river for first three days.

Barandi Nallah to Shingkulla via Phuktal - Trip Detail
  • Day 01 Leh to Barandi Nalla by drive to Tsokmichik trek
    • Early drive take you to Barandi Nalla lies to the south of Leh located at Leh Manali highway. It takes around 4 to 5 hours and from there you have to walk for 2 hours by the river bank to get Tsomachik camping site. Camping site is just at the bank of Tserab river

  • Day 02 Tsokmitsik to Satak
    • Today after having breakfast, you have to start trek to Satak village, takes around 5 to 6 hours, easy walking gradual up and down need to walk along the stream till Satak camp arrive. It was an isolated village of Zanskar. But gradually people left this village due to shortage of water and unavailability of road and shifted to Serchu located on Leh Manali High way. Overnight in tent at camping site.

  • Day 03 Satak to Hormochay
    • Today you need to cross Tichep river, rest the route is easy with gradual ascending. Takes around 4 hours to reach at the camping site. In summer season it is almost to cross the river. Because the water in the river increase. Overnight camp at hormochay camping site.

  • Day 04 Hormochay to Chaktsang Tso
    • Hormochey to Chaktsang first few hours plain trail, reach at a village with two to three empty houses, belong to nun of the valley used to sit at this spot, are shifted to Chumik Gyarsa, after village arrive the trial is gradual ascends till Chaktsang Tso arrive. Overnight at camp near Chaktsang Tso.

  • Day 05 Changsang Tso to Ngyalo Kongtsey la base
    • Today your destination will be ngyalo kongtsay la base camp, intense climbing till the top of ngyalo kongtsay. From the top you can see very nice view of the Tsochu lake and Tangtak village, Overnight camp will be in the base camp.

  • Day 06 Nalu Kongtsey la Bass to Fukthal Gonpa
    • Today need to get up and start early because the route is quite long, after walking for about an hours you need to cross a river, and then trial lead to Fhukthal monastery easy walking, Fhukthal is a holy monastery belong to Gelukspa order of Tibetan Buddhism, built by the great master jhangsem sherab sangpo during 11th century, amazing picturesque of cave monastery. But visit can be possible during morning and evening when priest for cleaning and to offer water and light butter lamp.

  • Day 07 Fukthal to Testa Village
    • After visit monastery in the morning, you need to start trek to Testa, on the way Khasar and Purney village consist of three to four family lives, Testa village is a beautiful and broad, around 30 to 35 families live. Route from Fuktal to /testa gradual descend. overnight camp at Testa.

  • Day 08 Testa to Skying
    • After having breakfast at the camping site,trek start toward skying village. On the way you meet visit some villages name Kuru, Tangzay and Thaplay. Skying village located between shinkhula river and Gyambal laynak river. it’s a beautiful village with few families. you can visit around the village in the evening. Overnight camp at village camping site.

  • Day 09 Sking to Gombo Rangjon
    • Trek to Gombo Rangjon. 4 to 5 hours easy walk on plain.On the way you meet Kargyak village. The camping site and the peak of Gombo Rangjon is very popular among local and tourist. Overnight camp at Gombo Rangjon.

  • Day 10 Gonbo Rangjon to Spangskya
    • You need to start walk toward Lakhang village, last village of zanskar to the west of Zanskar head quarter. The view and nice landscape of this broad valley and Gunbo Rangjun Peak are amazing to watch. you may meet some nomads while walking toward Lakhang. Over night camp at Lakhang village.

  • Day 11 Spangskya to Shingkulla top to Manali
    • The trek start with walking for more than an hour till Shingkulla top, route gradual ascends. And then drive to Manali 5 to 6 hours. You can stop lunch at Keylong or other spot of your choice.