Serchu to Shingkul

  • 11 Days - 10 Night
  • Medium Hard
  • June to October

While on trekking, you will know the real villages of Ladakh and their way of living.

The trek start from Serchu border of Himachal and J & K, known for stopover for buses and taxis run during summer season. Located at the bank of the river, remain cut off from other areas most of the year due to heavy snow fall on high passes. Unlike other place of the block, people of these area are mainly depend on rearing animals for their livelihood as the temperature remain low throughout the year. So agriculture work is almost impossible to conduct. And only selective product can be grown at these places. The average altitude of these places is around 4000 mtrs above sea level. 14 days are needed to complete this trek excluding acclamatazation period. The view during the trek is awesome, you will really enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley. As far as hardship of the trek is concern it is medium hard in nature. We have to cross 4 passes of average height 4700 mtrs. The camp site during this trek is beautiful too.

Serchu to Shingkul - Trip Detail
  • Day 01 Leh to Serchu
    • Need to start drive to Serchu. On reaching there you can have some tea and snacks at road side stall. Chumik Gyarsa, it is a village located on leh-manali national highway. The people from shun spend their lives there to earn their livelihood. In the past there was hundreds of Spring. So the place kept name Chumik Gyarsa. Chumik means springs in ladakhi words and Gya means hundred. Sa literally means place with hundred spring. Overnight in camp at Serchu camping site.

  • Day 02 Serchu to Umlung
    • First day of the trek quite easy but altitude is bit high and trails is bit ascend. The view is awesome. Overnight at the camp.

  • Day 03 Umlung to Chumik Marpo
    • Trek to Chumik Marpo takes around 4 to 5 hours. Easy walking from beginning, landscape is open. Camping site is at the base of Phisela. Quite cold in summer too.

  • Day 04 Chumik Marpo to Jingchen
    • For getting on to top, you have to walk upward trails for around 2 hours to get on the top. After reaching the top, its nice to see the view of mountains and valley of zanskar and Serchu side. From the top the trail is bit zigzag till Zingchen arrive. the camping site is beautiful. Overnight in tent at Zingchen.

  • Day 05 Jingchen to Stesta
    • After having breakfast at the camping site, you have to trek to Thapley from Zingchen. Route is descend till Thapley village, keep on easy walking till Stesta arrive. while walking to Tsesta meet Tangzey, Marling village. The Stesta camp at with beautiful view.overnight in camp at the camping site.

  • Day 06 Stesta to Sking
    • Today your destination is Sking. We will reach Sking around lunch time. After lunch, you can visit the village and same families You can also roam around the village of Sking. The meadows and the landscape would be breathtaking beautiful. You will see the lifestyles of the villagers and the beauty of the village. Overnight at the camp.

  • Day 07 Sking to Shangka
    • After having breakfast, you will trek to Shangka village. On the way you will visit Thangso village, the place is beautiful with awesome meadows. the Thangso village is a lone village in hidden valley. If you get time you could see village. overnight in camp at the camping site.

  • Day 08 Shangka to Sking
    • After having breakfast at camping site, you have to trek back to Sking. Overnight in tent at Sking camping site.

  • Day 9 Sking to Gombo Rangjon
    • Trek to Gombo Rangjon. On the way you will touch Kargyak village. The camping and the peak of Gombo Rangjon is very popular throughout the world. overnight camp at Gombo Rangjon.

  • Day 10 Gombo Rangjon to Spangkya
    • After the having breakfast at the camping site, start trek to Spangskya. Today the route is bit ascending and have to cross a stream. Spangskya is a beautiful place, it is the base camp of shingkula. Overnight at the camp.

  • Day 11 Spangkya to Shingkulla top to Manali drive
    • Takes 2 two hours to get on the top and drive to Manali/Keylong 5 to 6 hours till Manali. If tunnel open you will reach Manali early.