Chalung Peak

  • 06 Day - 5 Night
  • Medium
  • June to October

Choose distination in Ladakh to feel the joy of gaining height.

Ladakh is a place known for mountaineering, place is always delighted by people who want to gain the height of peaks above (6500 M). Chalung Kangri lies in south east region of Leh, located in the valley of Korzok near Chaktsang Tso is the one among all. About 210 km from Leh town. Peak with beautiful view of surrounding snow covered mountain ranges and view of high altitude lake of Tsomoriri. Bring extra charms to the valley. It needs 07 days to summit this expedition. Quite tough, technical in nature. Fall under challenging category. Superb view of surrounding peaks and lake from the top. Nice to see the twins lake of Tsokar, Tsomoriri and some other lake of (salt water), crystal water. You can visit twins famous lake of region while on this adventure. You will see the wildlife and birds that are survived in vast weather condition of Ladakh. During winter the temperature goes down below – 30, where survival of normal animal is difficult. Average altitude of the land 4500 M landscape resemble to Tibet with beautiful meadows. People living there engaged with rearing animals like yaks, goat and sheep etc. They are called Changpa nomad originated Tibet. They don’t have their permanent settlement, live in a tent for whole life. Throughout the year move from place to place in search of grass for their animals.