Chupdol Peak 1 Korzok valley

  • 07 Days - 06 Night
  • Average height : 6254 M
  • June to October

While on trekking, you will know the real villages of Ladakh and their way of living.

To the southeast of Ladakh there are many peaks average height above 6000 M. The Chupdol is the one 6254 M to the north of famous Tsomoriri lake, located in Korzok valley about 230 Km to the south east of Leh. Peak with beautiful view always delighted by person who loves adventure. You can gain the height of this peak from three different ways, and the difficulty level also varied as per route you choose. The most difficult route is from the southwest direction of this peak consider technical. Other two routes are quite easy but you should be physically sound and good trekker. You can see the first view of the peak from Gyamanalla, ittle before Tsomoriri. You can drive only upto Nomad camp, starting point of trek to the base camp. Nomad is unique features of this valley, moving from place to place in search of grass for their herds of yaks and goats. They live in tents throughout the year, as they do not have any permanent centre. View of the valley from the top is spectacular and everyone feel glad when they gained height of peak and enjoy the view of lakes. Need proper acclimatised before moving to the land everage height of 4500 M.

Chupdol Peak 1 Korzok valley- Trip Detail
  • Day 01 Leh to Nomad camp
    • Start early drive to from Leh to Nomad camp via Mahe Bridge takes around 6 to 7 hours by taxi (easy drive). It is good to had lunch at Chumathang known for Medicinal Hot Spring among local. You need to cross the bridge from Mahe and keep driving till Leh to Nomad camp arrive.

  • Day 02 Nomad camp to Yokro Nesa
    • Route you have to cover today is easy just need to walk for 3 to 4 hours. You can start walking late. On reaching camp, have lunch and relax for sometimes. But in the evening it is good to walk somewhere around campsite, just to get acclimatise.

  • Day 03 Yokro nesa to Gyama thang
    • Route you have to cover today is easy just need to walk for 3 to 4 hours along the nallah coming from upcoming glacier. Camping site is beautiful with green pasture land. In the evening it is good to walk somewhere around campsite, just to get better acclimatise.

  • Day 04 Gyama thang to Chupdol base camp
    • The route is gradual slope just need to follow the stream from left bank for two hours. And turned to right stream continue walking till base camp arrive. Camping site is beautiful. Evening good to do walking practise on summit route for sometimes to get acquainted with summit route. Overnight in tent at camping site.

  • Day 05 Base camp to summit to base camp
    • Need 5 to 6 hours for summit, its good to get on the top early morning to enjoy the view of sunrise from the top. After spending few times on the top back to base camp takes 3 hours down ward walking. Overnight in tent at the camping site.

  • Day 06 Base camp to Korzok Phu to Tsomoriri
    • Keep walking for about 1 hour from the top reach kangyuru la 5300 M. Continue walking for 2 more hours reach Kharnak Dok. Winter spot of nomads of the valley. To reach camp site Tsomoriri walk through stream for1 and half hours. In the evening you can visit Scared monastery of Korzok. Overnight in tent at camping site.

  • Day 06 Tsomoriri camp to Leh via Mahe bridge
    • Drive to Leh, via Mahe Bridge around 220 Km takes around 6 to 7 hours by taxi (easy drive). Lunch can be had at Chumathang hot spring. On the way back to Leh you can visit road side monastery. You will reach Leh by afternoon.