Chadar Trek: Frozen Zanskar River Trek in Ladakh

Chadar literally meaning Sheet. The word is used for frozen river of Zanskar. Make possible for people to walk on it. Chadar trek means walking on frozen Zanskar river during harsh winter season, now it is also called frozen river trek adventurous and most famous among domestic and foreigners travelers. Standing and walking on frozen sheet of smooth ice need techniques. Walking on the frozen sheet of ice is only way for Zanskaris to come and go from the valley during winter season. The road via Pensilla remain close for almost six months due to heavy snow fall on the la (pass). So Chadar is the only ultimate source to get in and out from the valley. It has been trade route for centuries for Zanskari during harsh weather of winter. With the construction of new road in the valley, the length of Chadar is being shorter year by year. Within few years, it will not remain importance for the local. For last so many years, Spiritual Trek has been organizing this frozen river trek to all the adventure lovers of the world.

Walking the Chadar Zanskar

Formation of ice is depend on temperature of the valley, freezing starts from December onward but only in January and February, it is possible to walk on it. The river freeze thick when temperature goes down, and under ice water start flowing on the sheet of ice when water running channel under ice block due to thick formation of ice. Only small space left for running water under ice. In March onward it starts melting.

The Chadar Trek in Ladakh

The Chadar trek gives opportunities to explore the isolated villages settled along the Zanskar river and to know the life styles of these villagers, how they live during harsh winter season of Ladakh. In past years Chadar remained last three to four months but now effect of global warming, the period has very much shorten, now it remain only for a month or two, depend on coolness of atmosphere. And in coming years, it is sure that the period will be shorter if we don’t care for environment.